Google+ experts offer expertise from A to Z and prevention of unwanted adverse effects:

The flood of social media is automatically gathering all brands, names of organisations and companies. Searches are showing far more entries than exptected (independent if the wills of a company to participate or not). “Unwanted” search results come from employees, foreign subsidiaries or representants, imitators, and others. In foreig countries results are optimized in cooperatin with local specialists.

Online marketing experts of provide rapid optimizations in social media, through excellence in contents, “follower”-management and prevention of adverse effects overall and in the german-speking D-A-CH region.

Google is the most frequently used search engine. Many people of your companies’ target audience start themselves now, to build their business pages in Google+. When searching to “circle in” (connecting to) brand pages, the target audience is often confronted with poor or embarrassing content of brands they like. Optimized beneficial content will differentiate positively from competitors and provide unique benefits and brings market-share gains.

Social media covers (automatically) all companies and brands, whether they want to or not. Active competent participation is offering unique chances now, since earlier connections are better perceived in the increasing tide. The entries for a brand should be monitored in the search engines and social media anyhow.

Competence for market success

Competence and active Management in Onlinemarketing and Social Media Marketing is crucial to prevent damage for the brand and the company name. It is therefore important to build up the social media expert management and to optimize Social Media search results actively.

Recommendations for design, content and optimization in Social Media Management:

1. Create a competent and professional social media concept

2. Focus in all contents the objective to achieve for your brand(s) a “unique exciting business world” with unique benefits and review the progress continuously

3. Actively serve all the major social media platforms: + Google, Facebook, Twitter (B2B: LinkedIn, in D-A-CH: XING)

4. Train all team members and improve their competence

5. Gain higher interest with inclusion of pictures and graphics and increase the success of entries with pictures or videos

6. Continuously monitor achievements, compare them with the competition and optimize (achieve preference)

Icrease the impact with picture and video skills

Posts with pictures are opened much more frequently than those with no picture. A good picture is worth a thousand words.

Posts with a competent and interesting short video and interest creating introduction (“Teasing”) are often more convincing than a thousand pictures.

Thousand other recommendations for online marketing

For professional online marketing and social media management, there are a thousand other recommendations. In the next step the above-mentionned optimizations should be fully implemented.

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